Meet Us

Our journey started as search consultants who wanted to do more in response to our client requesting more diverse candidates in their shortlist than simply adding a cv or two into the mix. It became our mission to not just identify but to develop longterm relationships with these potential candidates and really understand what determines their career decisions. Our focus has allowed us to understand the factors leading to a lack of available diverse talent and how firms can further attract, retain and develop this valuable group.

We have both, in our own ways, battled with some of the challenges that Unida seeks to address and fundamentally believe in “choose a job you love and you will never work a day in your life” (Confucius, Chinese Philosopher). By helping firms to create the best possible environment for individuals to flourish we will help unlock the key to this conundrum.

Whilst many organisations are seen as change agents for the advancement of diverse talent, the reality is that despite numerous ideas and initiatives one only has to look at the lack of diverse talent in senior positions to see that these ideas are not yet fully embedded. This is why we’ve decided to set up a firm dedicated exclusively to the diversity agenda. Through our portal of experts we offer a total solution and together support our clients on their journey towards parity.

We believe that we all have different experiences and backgrounds and by joining forces we can achieve a common goal. Our desire is to make a difference now and not in another 75 years!